Having had no prior experience of applying to a US university, I was fortunate to be introduced to Susan Smith as I began my MBA application.

Susan provided significant clarity on the road ahead by systematically breaking down the process. This helped me pace myself. Despite having a large clientele, not once did she try to box my profile into a well-defined template. Instead she pushed me to dig deep into my own background, helped me identify what would truly make my application unique, and then enabled me to curate it in the best possible manner.

By providing extremely frank opinions without assuming veto powers, Susan allows you to refine your application to the last detail, without ever leaving you feeling like it is being rubber stamped by anyone but you. Add to this the fact that she’s also just the loveliest person to speak to, and you really can’t complain!

Simply put, the joy of getting admitted into Business school was accompanied by a tinge of sadness at the thought of our collaboration having come to an end. I cannot recommend Susan’s expertise strongly enough to anyone harboring aspirations of a business school degree.

MBA Candidate (Mumbai, India)
Harvard Business School Class of 2019

Felt like extended family. Hugely supportive of my choices and provided frank advice. Great at helping me position my story, customizing it with some nuances for different colleges, preparing me for an interview. I had chosen an unusual major on which not much data was available. Starbound went well out of the way to get information, suggest pros and cons and help me with the decision. Very warm, attentive and fast, professional turnarounds with a great personal touch Got ED at my dream college! Thanks a ton Susan!

­Undergraduate Student (Mumbai, India)
Claremont McKenna Class of 2021

Solid, expert partner who helped us navigate US admissions. We were comfortable letting Susan drive a very important family process – shortlisting colleges and in preparing our son. He was able to reach out and got insightful advice on all his questions.

She more than validated our confidence and helped our son get admitted to one of the most selective colleges in the US. She will remain a trusted academic advisor to our family. Thank you ever so much Susan!

­Undergraduate Parent (Mumbai, India)
Claremont McKenna Class of 2021

I came into the college process not knowing what I wanted to study and unsure of which schools would be the best fit for me given my diverse array of interests. Susan really took the time to get to know me to fully understand my goals and aspirations about college. Her expertise and comprehensive knowledge about many colleges helped me craft a balanced list with schools I was genuinely excited about.

Susan eased my anxieties about the process and turned my uncertainty about academic paths into a positive component of my application. One of the most important parts of a college application is the essay writing, and I cannot emphasize enough how phenomenal Susan is at this part of the process. I would come into a meeting with some loose ideas, and by the end I would leave with a clear direction to take my writing in. She was instrumental in helping me present myself to colleges in the best light as a competitive applicant. I would not be at my dream school without Susan – she truly goes the extra mile.

­Undergraduate Student (Boston, MA)
Harvard College Class of 2020

Working with Susan was an absolute pleasure. Her guidance and insight with the MBA application process is unparalleled. In addition, she is caring, thoughtful and extremely flexible. I attribute a large part of my success in the admission process to Susan.

­MBA Candidate (Mumbai, India)
Stanford Graduate School of Business Class of 2019

Susan is the best college counselor for a variety of reasons. Her intelligence and professionalism allows you to believe in her; furthermore, she truly understands what colleges want from their applicants. She is extremely organized which is so useful during the college process. She takes her time and pitches in ideas or suggestions that will help enhance your college application. She is realistic, kind, and sympathetic. She truly cares for her clients and will do anything to see them succeed and be excited about their college choice. Lastly, she is insightful, which is the best quality to have as a college counselor. She saved me during the college process and I would have no idea where I would be without her. Thanks to Susan, I was accepted to my first choice college. I miss her terribly and I wish she could still help me now.

­Undergraduate Client (Boston, MA)
Wake Forest Class of 2020